After contemplating a drastic change in direction for many years last November I took the plunge and left a 15 year career in the City.  I was finally walking out of the dark and into the light, goodbye Investment Banking, hello Holistic Therapist!

But my story doesn’t start here, let me take you back in time first.

My Holistic journey

My passion for holistic therapies began back in 1999 when I tried Reflexology at the suggestion of my Mum, for an ongoing stomach issue.  To say that I wasn’t keen would be an understatement! As someone who was always very ticklish I really didn’t want someone touching my feet.  Anyway Mum persuaded me (they usually do!) and I was blown away by the effects after only one treatment.

How could pressure points on my feet bring about such an amazing transformation in my body?  My symptoms almost vanished over night.  I knew then that I had to train as a Reflexologist, so I signed up with the Central School of Reflexology and my journey began.

I then went onto train in Holistic Massage, whilst at the same time working for an Investment Bank.  It never was a job that inspired me, I never woke one morning and thought, “I know what I want to do with my life, I want to work in Investment Banking”

For friends that know me well, it couldn’t of been further away from what I loved, for a start I was never mathematically minded, I was far more creative.  But as a then single parent with a toddler, I needed stability and a career path.  This is how things remained for many years, I continued training, hoping that one day I would have the chance to pursue my real passion.


The loss of a very dear friend eventually became my catalyst for change, not that I realised it at the time……

About six months after her death, her words echoed in my mind from a conversation we’d had whilst I’d been visiting her in hospital, “none of us know how long we are going to be here, do what you are passionate about”.

A simple choice

It suddenly seemed so simple, there was no choice, I had to leave.  My zest for life had been zapped.  I was going through the motions, doing a job which came with responsibility, but working in a world which I felt no affinity with.

So last November, almost eighteen months after making my decision, I took a huge leap of faith.  I turned my back on the corporate world to concentrate all of my energies on my holistic therapies.


Walking out of the office on my last day, I remember looking up at the sky and thinking how clear it was for a November day.  I suddenly felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt excited and inspired about what lay ahead…..I knew that I had made the right decision.

A new year

So January 2016 was not only the start of a new year, but my new beginning as Hill House Therapies!

The last nine months have been amazing! I have been challenged and inspired but I can’t help but feel extreme gratitude.  I have been lucky to work with so many lovely clients and people that have supported me along the way.