Facial Cupping

Bring back your glow with Facial Cupping

Looking to sculpt your jawline?  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles?  Reduce puffiness and restore a healthy glow to your skin? Then this is the treatment for you!

Not to be confused with body cupping that often leaves bruising on the skin, facial cupping uses soft cups with gentle suction, so they glide over the skin.  A facial cupping treatment is extremely relaxing, whilst toning the muscles and increasing blood flow.

“Genuinely one of the best treatments I have had – relaxing and noticeably effective”

The treatment starts with a cleanse and hot towels, facial oil is then applied to the face, neck and décolletage.  I squeeze the facial cup onto the chin or section of the face that I am working on, then pull it in an upward direction. The suction tricks the skin into thinking it has been damaged, triggering the body to repair itself, stimulating the production of oxygenated blood, collagen, and fibroblasts, resulting in plump, glowing healthy skin.

Facial Cupping can also be effective for sinus congestion, hay fever, headaches, bell’s palsy and scarring.

What people say

“Thank you so much Fran for such an amazing treatment. As always, after one of your treatments, I feel completely relaxed and refreshed. The difference in my skin after the facial cupping is truly impressive. The lines around my mouth and eyes are noticeably improved and incredibly, my jaw line is markedly tighter and more defined.”
J Brooks-Belcher