Gua Sha Lift & Rejuvenate

Gua Sha (pronounced gwah sha) is the scraping of a quartz crystal (often jade or rose quartz) over the skin using gentle pressure, in upward strokes to relax facial muscles and promote tissue drainage.

Although these techniques have been used for centuries, it has more recently made headline news in the beauty world. Gua Sha has attracted a celebrity following as it provides a natural alternative to more invasive procedures.

Each bespoke treatment is tailored to your specific concerns but will work to release tension in the shoulders, neck and face, clear stagnant lymph & release blockages to restore healthy circulation and skin vitality.

Buy your Hayo’u tools to practise your own Gua Sha.

Want to make Gua Sha part of your daily self-care ritual?

Book an online 1-2-1 tutorial and let me show you how to correctly use your tool. Incorporating just a couple of minutes of Gua Sha into your morning or evening skincare routine will not only make a difference to your complexion but to your overall wellbeing.

The results – clearer, lifted, sculpted, glowing skin.  Restoring your natural radiance & beauty.

You will experience a feeling of inner calm & wellbeing. Expect to be transported to a place of bliss & float out on a cloud of tranquillity.

What people say

“Francesca’s Gua Sha facial is the self-care treatment we all need right now.  Not only does it detox and rejuvenate the skin like an instant face lift, it is also deeply soothing for the soul”

I spent a wonderfully relaxing, informative and blissful 45 minutes diving deep into the healing, soothing and anti-ageing world of Gua Sha.  Fran is a wise, kind, intuitive practitioner who not only takes the time to get to know you, she also knows and shares her stuff. This is all shared generously during the tutorial and she followed up with more information and a video reminder.  I cannot recommend this highly enough, we all need this right now.  The practice need only take a minute and wow, will your skin be happy and the whole of you relaxed. Huge thank you Fran xx

H Golstein
Francesca’s Gua Sha facial is the self-care treatment we all need right now. Not only does it detox and rejuvenate the skin like an instant natural face lift, it is also deeply soothing for the soul. As Francesca expertly stroked, combed and kneaded my face, neck and shoulders using time-tested Chinese massage techniques and the special Gua Sha tools, I felt all the tension melt away from the top down (almost as if it was being ironed out of me) while I was in such a deep state of relaxation it was like drifting off on a cloud of self-healing love. My Gua Sha treatment left me feeling energised, revitalised, and glowing from the inside out, a feeling that lasted for the rest of the day and beyond. As the colder autumn and winter months approach, I’m going to make this magic bundle of beauty, wellness and healing all rolled into one a regular part of my self-care routine!
S Cowan
Fran, I thoroughly enjoyed my cranial and facial gua sha, thank you so much.  Not only was it 90 minutes of pure relaxing bliss, my skin was glowing and my jawbone looked so much better afterwards. I can’t believe the difference in just one treatment! I would absolutely recommend this gorgeous treatment to everyone.
D Egan