About Me

I am devoted to helping busy women feel the best they can. This has led me to create a beautiful and tranquil space for those in need of a mind and body detox through nourishing yoga and beautiful treatments.

For me there is nothing quite like seeing the faces of my customers relax and glow, then tensions subside to balance and flow. It’s why I do what I do!

Every process is carefully planned, and every little detail is thought through to ensure my clients receive an experience that leaves them feeling and looking good.

I’m Francesca the founder and creator of Flow and Glow. I started my holistic journey many years ago firstly training in reflexology and massage. My growing interest in natural ageing-well treatments led me train in Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage, Zone Face Lift & Facial Gua Sha. My treatments provide women with a natural alternative to Botox and more invasive procedures that make a real difference and help to make women feel good about themselves.

Along the way my growing love of Yoga and its natural way of keeping my body fit and well led me to qualify as a yoga teacher. I wanted to share this wonderful form of exercise and well-being with other women like myself. My Flow and Glow classes are intimate and personal taking place in my garden yoga studio, a tranquil place in leafy Hertfordshire surrounded by nature. On warm days we throw open the doors, listening to the sounds of birdsong and the gentle running of water. Come and experience it for yourself, I feel sure that you’ll love it as much as I do! Alternatively, if remote yoga is for you then I offer interactive Zoom classes from the comfort of your own home.

Adding to my natural therapies I am an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare. The beautiful nourishing products are the perfect pairing to my natural facial therapies. Many of my customers will say that once you start using Tropic products you never look back.

After a while contemplating a drastic change in direction from a 15-year career in the City I took the plunge to break free and start my natural therapies business. I was finally walking out of the dark and into the light, goodbye Investment Banking, hello Holistic Therapist!

But my story doesn’t start here, let me take you back in time…

My Holistic journey

My passion for holistic therapies began back in 1999 when I tried Reflexology (a suggestion of my Mum’s) for an ongoing stomach issue. To say that I wasn’t keen would be an understatement! As someone who was always very ticklish, I really didn’t want someone touching my feet. Anyway, Mum persuaded me (they usually do!) and I was blown away by the effects after only one treatment.

How could pressure points on my feet bring about such an amazing transformation in my body? My symptoms almost vanished overnight. I knew then that I had to train as a Reflexologist, so I signed up with the Central School of Reflexology and my journey began.
I then went onto train in Holistic Massage at the same time as working for an Investment Bank; it was hard doing both but I knew that Investment Banking wasn’t my calling, it was something that I had fallen into.

Friends that knew me well understood banking wasn’t really me, for a start I was never mathematically minded, I was far more creative. But back then as a single parent with a toddler, I needed stability and a career path. This is how things remained for many years; I continued training, hoping that one day I would have the chance to pursue my real passion.


Looking back, the loss of a very dear friend eventually became my catalyst for change – not that I realised it at the time……
About six months after her death, her words echoed in my mind from a conversation we’d had whilst I’d been visiting her in hospital, “none of us know how long we are going to be here, do what you are passionate about”.

A simple choice

It suddenly seemed so simple, there was no choice, I had to leave. My zest for life had been zapped. I was going through the motions, doing a job which came with responsibility, but working in a world which I felt no joy.
Almost eighteen months after making my decision, I took a huge leap of faith. I turned my back on the corporate world to concentrate all of my energies on my holistic therapies.


Walking out of the office on my last day, I remember looking up at the sky and thinking how clear it was for a November day. I suddenly felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt excited and inspired about what lay ahead…I knew that I had made the right decision.

A new year

January 2016 was the start of a new year and my new beginning as Hill House Therapies! My time since has been amazing! I have been challenged and inspired but I can’t help but feel extreme gratitude. I have been lucky to work with so many lovely clients and people that have supported me along the way.
January 2021 brought more new things – a re-brand and relaunch as Flow & Glow.
Over time I have expanded my services to offer a range of therapies to suit different needs and will continue to explore new natural therapies to support women and their well-being. I want to empower you to take control of your self-care.


What people say

I have been going to Francesca for Yoga for a few years now so when lockdown began it would have been a huge part of my exercise, relaxation and mindfulness that I was missing. Having online classes has been amazing. I have actually been doing more. I’m missing the personal touches and hands on that you can only get at the actual classes but having the weekly online classes, expertly run with the same emphasis on working with your own body had been much needed and very successful. Even with the chronic problems I have, I really look forward to this each week.
L Tuck
Thank you for another fabulous zoom yoga class. Wednesday morning yoga has become the highlight of my week. As someone who has only recently rediscovered yoga, I find your class particularly helpful. The pace is spot on, your instructions are clear and easy to follow (essential for an online class!) and your teaching style is informative, inclusive and encouraging.
J Brooks-Belcher
I have been a client of Fran’s for over a year now and before lockdown would attend her in-person classes in her studio, now thank goodness for the online yoga classes via zoom. I can highly recommend Fran. She is clear and precise which is important for an online class and often adding a tip which helps with the poste and to adjust yourself correctly. I have also joined a Yoga Nidra class which has been held every other week, which is very relaxing. The classes have really helped me to stay positive and uplifted in a very unsettling time. I usually do three classes per week and each time there is something new to learn. Thank you Fran and I look forward to my next class.
L Cousins
Fran has been running online yoga classes since lockdown. She is still as professional and committed to our yoga experience as if we were in the studio with her. Her classes are aimed at all levels of experience and she gives alternatives so that everyone can do something. In the uncertainty of lockdown Fran has been a calming and relaxing influence.
G Warne
My zoom yoga with Fran is the time when everything comes to a halt and I just relax and clear my mind. It has especially helped through lockdown.
P Roll
Having my online yoga to look forward to every week has been like a lifeline for me in these hard times. The zoom classes with Fran are always varied and well explained, moves and postures catered to everyone’s abilities. Thank you Fran.
S Theobald
Thank you for another great hour on the mat with the ‘well deserved’ relaxation at the end of the session.

I was at first apprehensive about practicing yoga via zoom, but you have shown that with the right person guiding you it is nothing to be concerned about. Your sessions are professional, encouraging,
varied and sometimes challenging but you always provide us with options for the way we are feeling, and advising us to adjust our positioning when necessary.

Out of all my online classes be it yoga, Pilates or personal training my yoga sessions with Fran have been by far the best and most enjoyable.

Once I feel comfortable about returning to the studio, I also plan to continue with an additional session online.

Thank you again.

P Cunningham

Thank you firstly for introducing me to Tropic and secondly for all your help getting me set up and the patience you have needed to do that! You have been there when needed offering a caring, calm, guiding hand which has been more difficult in these times with no face-to-face contact.

I have loved the no pressure aspect and with your help have already done much better than I thought I ever would.

I am so happy that you asked me to join your team, really enjoying my Tropic journey, already feeling Greener, Heathier and definitely much more Empowered.


Fran has been incredible as a manager, mentor and friend since I became an Tropic ambassador. Nothing is ever too much, and she is always on hand to help with any queries or assist me. She has supported and encouraged me so much since I started my business and is genuinely willing me on and helping me to grow my business into what I want it to be. I didn’t know Fran before I joined Tropic, but I feel I have made a genuine friend who I feel blessed to have met. Thank you so much Fran, you are an inspiration


Being part of Fran’s team has really shown me how supportive and empowering people can be for each other. Fran is a joy to work with and I find her honesty and openness refreshing. This team is so positive, motivating and caring – exactly the sort of people you want to be surrounded by when you’re growing your business!


My introduction to Tropic has been helped by the wonderful support of a great team. Fran has always been on hand when I’ve needed help with an order or for borrowing stock for a client or social media Lives. Her words of encouragement go a long way when you need the support.


Francesca’s Gua Sha facial is the self-care treatment we all need right now. Not only does it detox and rejuvenate the skin like an instant natural face lift, it is also deeply soothing for the soul. As Francesca expertly stroked, combed and kneaded my face, neck and shoulders using time-tested Chinese massage techniques and the special Gua Sha tools, I felt all the tension melt away from the top down (almost as if it was being ironed out of me) while I was in such a deep state of relaxation it was like drifting off on a cloud of self-healing love. My Gua Sha treatment left me feeling energised, revitalised, and glowing from the inside out, a feeling that lasted for the rest of the day and beyond. As the colder autumn and winter months approach, I’m going to make this magic bundle of beauty, wellness and healing all rolled into one a regular part of my self-care routine!

S Cowan

So I’m 48 years old and, whilst I look after my skin, even I was super impressed at how it looked after this amazing treatment with Francesca Turner (my wrinkles seemed to fall off!). The Gua Sha facial is without doubt the most fantastic treatment I’ve ever had. Not only do you experience a wonderful facial massage, but you receive an amazingly releasing neck and shoulder massage too. I truly felt fantastic after this treatment. So much so that it’s on my Christmas list and I cannot wait to go back again. Francesca has a wonderful therapy room which is comfortable, warm and inviting and she is a considerate, generous and gifted therapist who makes you feel amazing! Thank you so much. Very much looking forward to the next one.

L Woods
Fran is a great Reflexologist, identifying areas of concern, and providing a lovely environment in which to have the treatment. I tend to have foot reflexology every 4-5 weeks and find the treatment both relaxing and grounding, and I feel more energised after a treatment. I also believe that there are longer term benefits for my mental health from having reflexology regularly.
K. Kardooni

I have had several facial reflexology treatments with Hill House Therapies. Francesca is a caring and professional therapist and I’d highly recommend her services. There is a calm and soothing atmosphere in Francesca’s treatment room.

J Hollett

Wow! What an amazing treatment. Francesca has such a great touch – just the right amount to relieve pressure and stress but also leave you feeling relaxed. Her facial reflexology left me feeling completely revitalised, and ready to face the world, literally. I will be making another appointment very soon. Highly recommended.

O Vandyk

Such a gift to self to have a facial reflexology treatment by Fran. I rarely let anyone near my face because of skin issues. Expertly delivered, quality service. This venue is totally unique, and thats how you feel upon leaving. I will recommend. Thank you Fran xo

S Wright
The facial was fabulous, my skin is glowing and I feel so relaxed. Thank you for introducing me to the Tropic products, they smell gorgeous and my skin feels incredible. The skincare tips were also much appreciated.
D Bushnell
My skin feels & looks amazing. Thank you.
R Kierstenson

Fran, I thoroughly enjoyed my cranial and facial gua sha, thank you so much.  Not only was it 90 minutes of pure relaxing bliss, my skin was glowing and my jawbone looked so much better afterwards. I can’t believe the difference in just one treatment! I would absolutely recommend this gorgeous treatment to everyone.

D Egan, Your Content Goes Here