Whether you are going for a facial treatment, practicing some self-care using your gua sha tool, or simply using your hands for some facial massage, your neck is the key to getting a healthy glowing complexion.

Over the years I have been for many facial treatments.  I like to look after my skin, I am keen to try new treatments and to also learn new techniques, but I’ve been disappointed by how many practitioners almost completely ignore the neck.

If you aren’t getting the results from the facial treatments that you had hoped for, you might just want to show your neck a little more love.

Let me briefly explain the body’s lymphatic system, its main function being that of drainage.  The lymphatic system transports waste from the body filters lymph, blood, and fights infection.  It removes excess fluids, increases the absorption of fatty acids and transports white blood cells.   Put most simply, it’s the body’s way of detoxing.  The lymph collects waste, circulates it around the body and then excretes it through the kidneys, liver and bladder.

Coming back to the face, if lymph fluid becomes stagnant it can cause acne, puffiness in the face and around the eyes, a dull & dry complexion and can sometimes cause overreactive skin.

Our facial lymph nodes are clustered around the ears, under the jaw, and in the neck, so think of the neck as a funnel from the head into the collar bone.  The collar bone then acts as the main drain where lymphatic congestion from the face and head enters the bloodstream (from here it is circulated around the body and filtered out)

It, therefore, makes sense, that if your neck (the funnel) is blocked, it can’t properly drain, resulting in a lackluster complexion and puffiness.

So next time you only have a few minutes to use your gua sha tool or do some massage, spend the time on your neck rather than your face if you want to see results.

If you have longer than a few minutes, start with your neck using upward movements, to stimulate the lymph (this is the only time you should use an upward direction) then move onto the face. Make sure that your finishing moves work down the face, neck and finish at the collar bone using light pressure.

You don’t need to set aside a huge amount of time, a few minutes every day incorporated into your skincare routine will make a difference.  Just remember it’s about consistency.

Let me know how you get on!